DocPoint Solutions – New Web Design Launched


DocPoint Solutions’ success and significant growth generated the need for a new website design. Its predecessor was built nearly five years ago. It was quickly constructed as part of a startup rollout. DocPoint Solutions came back to us to redevelop their site to include a content management system, to make it device responsive – mobile and tablet optimized, to make it SEO friendly, and to infuse it with social media hooks.

About DocPoint Solutions

DocPoint Solutions is a nationally recognized company specializing in custom document management archive and retrieval systems using the SharePoint platform.


The website design and development was executed using the latest version of WordPress. The homepage makes use of a slide banner highlighting recent case studies. DocPoints core services, recent testimonials, and news are also highlighted both for user experience and for the purpose of search engine optimization. See additional examples below.


As part of the website design and development process we made sure the it is device responsive or mobile optimized for phones and tablets.


The website design focused on managing and disseminating a large amount of information for a variety of different audiences. Several custom post types were created to support and manage the different informations types. In addition to its standard pages the website offers a news, press realeases and whitepaper blog, frequently asked questions, extended testimonials, newsletters, and more.


Several templates were created as part of the website design process. We formatted the testimonials in a multi-column layout for variety and visual interest.