Levin/Brown Web Design


The new web design for Baltimore-based architectural firm Levin Brown was driven by one factor – making the site a lead generator. To do so we focused on two key areas of the site – the news blog and project case studies. The blog focuses national traffic to the site. The projects keep the attention and sell Levin Brown to prospective visitors. The entire site has been built with SEO best practices but the blog is crucial in highlighting and maintaining the company’s renown in religious architecture. The project photography that as provided made it clear the site had to be visual. In response we leveraged the full browser window producing a web design that is liquid in nature and uses full screen background images for all of the galleries and backgrounds. The site is built in WordPress with a custom theme making it easy to update and search engine friendly.

About Levin Brown

Levin Brown is a Baltimore-based architectural firm that is nationally renown for its breath taking synagogues and churches. However, their portfolio includes custom residential and commercial architecture that is beautiful by any standard.

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Web Design - Home page

Homepage Design
The web design for the site uses sharp angled shapes and transparency to compliment the elegant architectural details of the sites background and project photography. We chose a liquid layout that uses entire browser window. The reason was to show all the photography in the largest format possible. While the content is essential to any site we knew the quality of Levin Brown's work needed to speak for itself. Feedback for the site has been extremely positive.

Web Design - Second Level Project Page

Project Page
Unlike most gallery systems that provide a screen of thumbnails and then display a larger version in a contained window – we went full screen. Simply we wanted to show off the quality of the work. Rather than looking at pictures, visitors get the sense of peering through a window.

Web Design - Expanded Project Page

Expanded Project Page
To put even great emphasis on the photography we provided users a mechanism for hiding the project information, allowing an unobtrusive view of the work. The global navigation remains persistent. The experience is closer to that of an online app.