Baltimore Based Alliance Info Systems – New Web Design


The web design for Alliance Info Systems’ new corporate website breaths life back into their online brand presence. The new web design is markedly contemporary, one that is clean, well structured, and easy to navigate. The web design leverages the previous brand palette and emphasizes “AIS’s people” through its primary rotating homepage banner. The website is device optimized, offering visitors using phones and tablets a rich experience. We employed the latest HTML5 and CSS3 best practices into the custom WordPress theme and templates to ensure a fast loading site. This website like all the others we develop is built using best practices for search engine optimization.

Alliance Info Systems is a network integration and consulting company focused on managed IT, network design and support, cloud computing, disaster recovery, and procurement. Although what they deliver is often intangible, their focus is on establishing trusted people relationships and partnerships with their clients.

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Web Design - Home page

We've incorporated a rotating banner image to emphasize AIS's diversity of staff and clients. Because of the intangible nature of the services being offered we included descriptions to help visitors determine their area of interest. We did the same for the main drop nav in services, providing a super drop-down that lists the subservices within a segment. To improve SEO purposes we included news highlights along with an introductory letter from the president. The homepage also includes recent twitter posts and links to the social networks they participate in.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design
The website was designed and built for mobile optimization. Its layout adjusts depending on device resolution – fluidly expanding and contracting for tablets and smart phones regardless of their orientation.

Web Design - Second Level

Service Template Example
The site uses a single content template that segments the text in more of a magazine style layout. There is an introductory image to help the viewer differentiate one page from another coupled with an intro paragraph. The page content that follows is organized into a multi-column grid. The result is a balance of imagery and content that is clean and easy to read.