Select Associates Corporate Identity


Select Associates is a software development company specializing in business applications for legal firms. Their suite of applications is lead by a tool for collections. Others have been developed for data warehousing, time management and more. As a software company, Select Associates wanted emphasize its sophistication and technical strength. While this was a full re-brand, aspects of the former logo needed to be maintained. In addition to the corporate and product logos, we also developed their print materials – corporate folder and product datasheets, and trade show booth.


Select Star Associates was renamed to SA Select. We created a custom font for the two letter forms that are the focal point of the logo. The color palette was altered. We maintained the corporate red making it a little darker. The neutral gray was used to offset the red.


The identity system includes business cards, letter head, second sheet, #10 envelopes, oversized 9" x 12" booklet envelopes, and window billing envelopes. We used the mark and star components as design elements to reinforce the brand.


The product logos all make use of a template. The illustrations describe the function of the product. Each is color coded to provide additional autonomy. The product brands needed to be more friendly as they are utilized by non-technical management and support staff.