Select Associates Corporate Branding


Select Associates engaged with us to rebrand all of their identity and sales marketing materials. Select Associates is a software development company specializing in business applications for legal firms. We began with their corporate logo developing a mark that is strong, bold, and sophisticated with a technical edge to emulate the personality and style of what they do and how they do it. We developed the branding and templates for promoting their individual products including product logos, datasheets and manual covers. For corporate promotions we developed an overview brochure, corporate presentation folder, trade show booth, and ads. See the examples below.


Corporate Logo
The rebrand started with the corporate logo. We created a custom font for the two letter forms use for the mark – the focal point of the logo. The color palette was updated. We maintained the corporate red making it a little darker and introduced a more neutral gray to offset the red.


Identity System
The design is a clean and elegant solution emulating Select Associates as a high-end software development company. We used the mark and star components as design elements to reinforce the brand. The identity system includes business cards, letter head, second sheet, #10 envelopes, oversized 9" x 12" booklet envelopes, and window billing envelopes.


Product Logos
New product logos were developed. All of the marks are illustrated to denote the unique function of the product. The circular marks and typography build a consistent brand across the entire suite.


Corporate Folder
For presentation and proposal purposes we developed a standard 2 pocket – 9 x12 folder.


Product Datasheets
A product overview sheet was developed for each of their software offerings. The template highlights the product logos to differentiate the product sheets from one another.


Product Manual
A software manual was required for their flagship Star Collect product. We designed the cover, building on the palette and elements of the product logo. The design wraps creating a seamless graphic.


Exhibit Booth
This is the second generation of the 8x10 trade show booth. The new version puts greater emphasis on the two products they chose to highlight. We simplified the main visual and introduced an arrow to signify "growth" that directs the eye to the product highlights.


Exhibit Booth
This is the original version of the 8x10 trade show booth. It's a clean, elegant design with intentional strong color contrast to add depth to an otherwise flat wall.


Trade Publication Ad
Select Associates acquired ad space in a regional trade publication. We developed a half page layout emphasizing the Star Data Warehouse product. The layout uses limited branding elements to maximize the area needed for the heavy amount of content.


Program Ad
We developed an ad template for vertical full page ads. This particular example is a black and white ad that provides an introduction and overview of Select Associates.