RMS Omega Exhibits


RMS Omega specializes in barcoding technology for both the warehousing and health care industries. We developed two booth systems as part of their brand update, one for each of the target industries. Several banners were also developed for use at smaller shows and to promote a new hospital product. In addition to the exhibit items we also developed RMS Omega’s website.


Warehousing Booth Panels – given the pre-determined structure we developed panels using the primary colors of the logo identity. We produced a simpler, but bolder main panel using a single image. The subordinate panels were covered with subtle textures and visual elements that support there service offering.


3-D rendering of the warehousing both in its staged form.


Health Care Booth Panels – we mirrored the warehousing booth to save time and cost and to reinforce the exhibit experience for anyone attending both types of shows. We modified the colors, texture and images in support of their health care offering.


Health Care Vertical Banners – these free standing banners were developed for smaller shows or to use in conjunction with the warehousing booth.


Product Banner – RMS Omega had this banner developed to introduce their new Point-of-Care product for hospitals.