RainedOut Brand


RainedOut is a product of Omnilert that develops multi-modal alert systems. The RainedOut product is a free service paid for through sponsorship. Originally developed for sporting teams to quickly alert members and parents of last minute changes. The product has grown and is now used nationally by various teams, venues, organizations for alerts and fund raising.

Omnilert came to us to update the RainedOut product brand. The previous materials were flat and dated. We emboldened the brand with saturated color, dimensionality, graphic icons, and contemporary photography. We structured the brand on a single goal – convenience. We focused not on the complexity of the technology but on its application and ease-of-use.


We updated the logo making it dimensional by adding gradients and shadowing to its various elements.

Find your game cancellations plus get mobile alerts

Website – We designed both the public and secure areas of the site. The challenge was to make the most user friendly experience. As a free service the goal is to attract as many users as possible. The website is their primary marketing tool. As the cornerstone of the brand it drives the look and feel for all of RainedOut's sales and support materials. The site was developed in Drupal (an open source content management system) allowing RainedOut to maintain the site themselves.


Exhibit display back drop wall system. This fabric based pop-up display leveraged the brand attributes of the site. We kept it simple focusing on the smart phone and the alert message which is the heart of what RainedOut is all about.


Brochure – a slim jim was developed with the singular goal of driving individual subscribers to the site. Just enough information was provided to entice viewers to learn more. As a smaller piece it was less expensive to print and could be easily stored and handed out by participating teams and venues. The brochure was produced in several variations targeting different audience segments.


Ads –a generic template was developed to serve a variety of publications and format sizes. The full color page is eye-grabbing with a simple message – driving viewers to visit the site for more information.


Datesheet – this 2-sided line card provides high level information regarding products and services. With a focus on corporate customers, the datasheet was developed to hand out at trade shows and be included with pitch presentations.


App Icon – developed for branding of their mobile application. It was also utilized as an ICO icon for their site and grouped with social media links on their website and partner sites.


Banner Ads – a series of promotional ads that can be downloaded by partners and participating account managers to promote and link potential subscribers to the registration pages on the site.