Prometric Executive Summit 2010


The theme for the 2012 Prometric Executive Summit was “Historical Setting, Monumental Thinking”. The event took place in Charlotte, NC which explains the setting. The “monumental thinking” was about big ideas that transcended a particular industry yet will shape and open possibilities for the future.

We took a branding approach that combined these two ideas. We developed an old world look and combined it with modern imagery and typography to achieve an edgy yet elegant, warm, and inviting feel.


Powerpoint – title and body content templates were developed for speakers to use during their presentations.


Email Series – a set of emails were sent to existing clients and prospects highlighting each of the premier speakers.


Web Site – the "Monumental Thinking" website was created to provide event info and allow for registration. It has since been turned into a blog highlighting Prometric's advancements in computer-based testing.


Event Booket – each attendee was given a premium booklet that listed the agenda, offered speaker bios, local amenities, and a section for taking notes.


Speaker Backdrops – a projected backdrop was created for each of the speakers, highlighting their particular subject and area of expertise.


Event Ticket – an event within the event required a special ticket to be offered before admittance.