Pevco Interactive Touch Screen


Pevco Link is a new product offering. Attached to Pevco’s pneumatic tube stations, it provides a quick and easy way to select from numerous destinations and types of transactions. The interface had to accommodate a variety of users. Most important it had to be intuitive and require very little training if any. A combination of text, icons, and color were used to help users.


Pevco Interactive Touch Screen Interface


Primary Menu – this is the default screen for the system. It identifies recent transactions and provides simple large buttons for ease of use.


Quick Keys – like a phone, this screen offers the most commonly used destinations. It also provides buttons for an alphabetical menu or station number menu.


Alphabetical Menu – users can scroll up and down or select from a letter group to quick jump to the desired station.


Station Menu – for users who know the destination station number.


Tracking Screen – this screen is used when the station, attendant, canister, and contents need to be tracked.


Successful Transaction – this screen displays when the transaction has been successfully completed.


Successful Secure Transaction – this screen displays when a secure transaction has been successfully completed.