Pevco Branding


Pevco designs, manufactures, and installs complex pneumatic delivery systems for hospitals. We did a full rebrand that includes their corporate logo and stationary identity system, website, brochures, ads, presentations, exhibit graphics, interactive interface displays, and promotional email templates.


Pevco's goal was to have a "fortune 500" logo that would have great longevity. We created a custom, bold, typefont incorporating the best elements of various classic fonts. We accented the "o" with a traditional diamond shape – a symbol of strength and purity.


The identity stationary system is very clean and corporate putting emphasis on the logo. The system includes a business cards, standard #10 envelopes, oversized envelopes and letterhead.


App Icon – the mark was developed for both an application and ICO icon.


Product and Services Brochures – the series of brochures we designed are an expansion of the branding developed for the website. A brochure was designed for each of their primary product offerings.


A corporate pocket folder was developed as housing for the brochures and datasheets to serve for sales presentations.


Website – a portal showcasing featured products and services as well as news and updates. The site is very clean and corporate catering to the health care industry. The main banner is a CSS3 parallax slider allowing for a more unique motion experience.


Emails – templates were developed for both a regular re-occurring newsletter and special announcements.


Pevco Link – a series of panels developed as part of a new product release. This booth highlighted the interactive touch screen panel display of their new touch pad units.


Original Booth designs – this is how the trade show booth was presented prior to print manufacturing.


Original 20 x10 trade show booth – we blended full image and solid panels to break up the wall and keep the visitors eyes moving.


Pevco Tracker banners – new vertical banners were created to reflect the new product enhancements.


PowerPoint – a non-linear presentation template was developed allowing the sales team to customize the content as needed.


PowerPoint – divider screens and content page templates.


Touch Screen Interface – the interface had to accommodate a variety of users. Most important it had to be intuitive and require very little training if any. A combination of text, icons, and color were used to help users.


WAP Interface – screen samples for the hand held tracker scanner device.


Panel Interface – screen samples for the panel mounted interface and scanner.