NewWave Interactive

NewWave wanted to run an ad that would also provide direct lead generation results. We developed an ad sleeve that promoted with the possibility of winning a premium and other smaller prizes as part of an interactive CD presentation. The CD… Read more »

RMS Omega Exhibits

RMS Omega specializes in barcoding technology for both the warehousing and health care industries. We developed two booth systems as part of their brand update, one for each of the target industries. Several banners were also developed for use at… Read more »

Pevco Exhibits

pevco-exhibit-original-10x20 Pevco enjoys a national clientele and therefore attends numerous events across the US and throughout the year. Several booths and banner systems have been developed, some to showcase new products and services while others are for brand reinforcement.

Army Housing Exhibits

army-exhibit-1 The following projects are a selection of the exhibit systems developed for Army Housing. Each of the exhibits highlights housing being offered to individuals and families. Army Housing provides both US and international housing for the non-officers.

Lockheed Martin – Centennial of Flight – DVD

lm-cof-dvd-intro The DVD was developed to highlight Lockheed’s contribution to one hundred years of aerospace engineering. This was Lockheed Martins first DVD. I was an enormous success both in its presentation and ease of use. It was distributed over a one year period… Read more »

Prometric Executive Summit 2010

prm-summit2012-ppt The theme for the 2012 Prometric Executive Summit was “Historical Setting, Monumental Thinking”. The event took place in Charlotte, NC which explains the setting. The “monumental thinking” was about big ideas that transcended a particular industry yet will shape and… Read more »

Logo Design – Diamonds Lacrosse Club

Diamonds Lacrosse Club Corporate Logo We rebranded the Diamonds Lacrosse Club with a new logo design. The logo design has been simplified and modernized to better reflect the personality of the premiere sports club. Diamonds Lacrosse Club is a Baltimore based all-girls group of teams… Read more »

Prometric Print

prometric-brochures-1 Prometric is the world’s largest provider of test development and test delivery solutions. We have developed a comprehensive system of print materials to support their numerous divisions and product offerings. In addition to their print needs we provide advertsing, email… Read more »

Netlocity Corporate Brochure

netlocity-brochure Netlocity’s core offering is Enterprise Architecture for government departments and commercial clients. They provided services focused on the business and technical structure of an enterprise – their systems, subsystems, and relationships. The corporate brochure builds on the branding developed for… Read more »