NewWave Technologies Website


NewWave technologies is a distributor of high-end imaging, storage, and duplication equipment. The site was fully rebranded and restructured without effecting or modifying its existing complex transactional and ERP systems. The website is built in ASP – we therefore updated the page structures using CSS to separate the content and structural formatting from the numerous data points. The allowed for quick adaptation of templates and content. As part of the effort, we developed a new client dashboard and numerous product related templates highlighting various features – shopping cart, check out screens, product comparison, and other data driven templates were overhauled. Additionally, we developed a template system for the website’s vendor stores – essentially mini-child sites.

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The site was restructured to emphasize the available products for sale. It is compartmentalized into content blocks to separate the varied content while providing a visual consistency. This example shows the green client dashboard only available to logged in registered users.


Kodak Vendor Store – part of the challenge is maintaining the Kodak brand within the NewWave framework. The mini-child website's primary marketing banner is built using the Parallax CSS slider, a visually rich banner that offers unique motion but is supported universally by older browsers and media devices.


Fujitsu Vendor Store - this mini-child website was branded to match the Fujitsu site, the store highlights the latest products available for sale through NewWave. The primary marketing banner is present throughout the website. It was built in JQuery to be compatible on all browsers.