Lombard Promotional CD


Lombard Securities was sending large, heavy packets of paper information to prospective brokers to come work for them. We wanted to reduce costs while at the same time do a much better job of telling the Lombard story. We produced a CD presentation that cut the cost of manufacturing and shipping by more than half while providing compelling video testimonials from senior leadership on the values and benefits of the organization. In addition, to the interactive CD we also developed the corporate website. More recently we’ve redesigned the corporate folder and introductory brochure.


Intro Sequence – the video was limited to center the horizontal area of the screen to ensure older laptops and computers would have a clean presentation. It opens with the corporate logo overlaid onto an elegant office interior. A voice over begins the introduction.


Intro Sequence – a series of colorized stills of the management staff are layered under value statements made during the voice over. Navigation is provided allowing users to jump to various sections. The current playing chapter is highlighted.


Culture – one of eight chapters in the presentation. It offers engaging still backgrounds with moving statements and voice over.


Integrity – each chapter includes a video testimonial from either senior management or from participating brokers. Viewers get a first-hand telling of the Lombard story.


Contact – the final screen provides a link to the site and essential contact information.