Lockheed Martin Interactive Kiosks


Lockheed Martin engaged us to help them with their trade show graphics and to help reduce the enormous costs of producing single-use exhibit graphics. The question was asked, “can we use all these flat screens we have and turn them vertically to look like posters and banners”. Using Flash we developed a kiosk template that can be quickly customized depending on the need of the event. The kiosk presentation is made up of a menu and series of programs. Each program may include a video or slideshow deck. The program “slides” are then used as rotating banners when the kiosk isn’t in use. Shown on 50″ displays, the presentation is a visually powerful interactive experience.


Intro Panel and Menu
The menu system displays when mouse movement is detected during the panel rotation sequence. The menu offers a listing of divisional programs. Many of the programs offer video and slide show components exampled in the 3rd image. The presentation reverts back to its default rotation sequence when no mouse movement is detected after several minutes.


Example Series 1
The presentation can have as many programs highlighted as needed. This example highlights more than twenty different programs. Color is used to differentiate the various program departments.


Example Series 2
This example includes 3 program slides from the space exploration series.


Kiosk Guidelines
Lockheed exhibits all over the world. As a result, the kiosks need to be built by more than one vendor group. In response, we've provided detailed guidelines instructing developers how to construct and execute individual kiosk presentations.