Lockheed Martin – Centennial of Flight – Interactive CD


As part of Lockheed Martins “Centennial of Flight” presentation an interactive CD was developed as a handout for visitors of the event. It was a compliment to the DVD that was developed due to the lower production cost. 5,000 were made and distributed to attendees at the event. In addition to program features it also offered two screen savers apps and coloring book pages that could be printed.


Interactive Screens – Here's an overview of the screens that were developed. View them larger below.


CD face – Designed to reflect the branding of the interactive presentation.


Intro Screen – We emphasized the event by placing the logo front and center. We also marked the "100 Years" with an interesting type and image juxtaposition.


Introduction – As this is a commemorative event it was important to state its purpose prior to displaying the primary menu.


Primary Menu – Rather than simple buttons we treated the menu graphically, using images and color to differentiate the major sections of the presentation.


Timeline – The user can quickly browse the program highlights by use of a slider. More than 25 programs were created for the presentation. Each offers a video and brief description.


Screen Savers – The presentation included a couple of downloadable screen saver applications highlighting the event.