Lockheed Martin – Centennial of Flight – Logo


The logo was developed to highlight Lockheed’s contribution to one hundred years of aerospace engineering. A huge national event was held to honor the “Centennial of Flight” – a celebration of 100 years since the Wright brothers historic first flight. As part of the branding we developed the event logo, an interactive DVD given to VIPs, an interactive CD distributed to the general public, posters, and an invitation to the event. Ancillary to the event we developed a series of interactive kiosk banners which lead to the redesign of Lockheed’s exhibit guidelines.


The logo was illustrated in house. The goal was to highlight Lockheed's role in aeronautical engineering which started in the earliest days of flight represented by the foreground pilot to the untethered space walking astronaut. The logo incorporated a jet and rocket to show the evolution of vessels. The moon is also shown since the only craft that carried people to the moon is Lockheed's Atlas V.