Lockheed Martin – Centennial of Flight – DVD


The DVD was developed to highlight Lockheed’s contribution to one hundred years of aerospace engineering. This was Lockheed Martins first DVD. I was an enormous success both in its presentation and ease of use. It was distributed over a one year period as promotion for the event and as a special gift to DOD dignitaries, VIPs, and potential clients.

The DVD provides video footage of early Wright Brother flights to the Atlas Rocket launches to the newest F-22. Footage was compiled from numerous sources including Lockheed, NASA, and the Library of Congress. It was a complicated project – extremely interesting and highly educational. We feel lucky to have a been apart of it.


Interface Screens – The menu system included three tiers of drill down navigation. The presentation included a timeline and a detail screen with video for over 40 programs.


CD Face – Packaging for the presentation was kept simple – just a printed face in a clear jewel case.


The intro screen is an animation that composites famous people and several extraordinary pieces of aerospace engineering.


Time Line – It was important to show the aggressive history with which this industry developed. From flight to landing on the moon in just a few decades.


Primary Menu – The menu is highly visual, emphasizing the nature of the presentation.


Program Menu – This is an example of the 3rd level menu. We wanted to keep it very visual by using image thumbnails to steer users.


Program Details – Each of the more than 40 programs included a brief description and link to a full screen video clip.


Videos – Each program included a 30 second to 1 minute video clip. Each video was edited and included a voice over. The videos are the heart of the interactive presentation, delivering the bulk of the information.