Dunbar Security Systems Branding


Dunbar Security Systems is a division of the parent Dunbar Armored corporation. The division was initially created to service the other divisions within Dunbar. Capitalizing on the parent brand, the security systems division has become a profitable entity on its own. While maintaining the corporate brand familiarity, we pushed the look and feel of the materials to be more technical and visually compelling. Our efforts were to build an independent brand for the division – developing the necessary materials to support their sales efforts. The branding effort includes the messaging, design and development of their website, datasheets, brochures, and proposal system. The result is a cohesive and strong brand.


Divisional Website
The website was designed to emulate the printed materials. We created an interactive JQuery slider on the homepage to highlight the primary services and to improve SEO results. The website was originally intended only for a business audience. It has recently been updated to also engage a residential audience.


Residential Landing Page
The residential page of the website was intentionally designed to look different from the corporate side. It is a responsive page – the content reformats depending upon the device resolution of the visitor. As the site is visited by more and more mobile users we've made sure to make the experience a positive one.


Managed Access Brochure
Prior to beginning the brochure we did marketing research and a SWOT analysis to for determining a messaging and content strategy. With the a strategy in place we developed a six-panel product brochure focused on the newest industry trend and technology offering.


Several datasheets were developed to augment sales presentations and proposals.


Proposal System
Proposals are the last opportunity to put a companies brand in front of a prospect. Dunbar wanted a visually strong but easy to modify proposal template. We developed a printed cover, dividers, body template, and formatted Word template giving Dunbar the ability to deliver polished and customized proposals.