Brochure Design – Dunbar Security Systems


Dunbar Security Systems rebranding includes brochure design and a customizable proposal template. Dunbar Security Systems designs and installs custom managed access, fire and life, intrusion detection, and video surveillance systems for companies and residences using the highest commercial grade equipment available. While maintaining the corporate brand look and feel we pushed the materials to be more technical and visually compelling. Below you’ll see examples of the Managed Access service brochure design, datasheets, proposal system. In addition to updating the brochure design, please review the new division website design.


Managed Access Brochure – prior to beginning the brochure we developed the content following some market research and SWOT analysis. With the messaging determined we designed a six-panel brochure focused on the newest industry trend and technology offering.


Datasheets – several datasheets were developed to augment sales presentations and proposals.


Proposal System – we developed a printed cover, dividers, body template, and formatted Word template giving Dunbar the ability to deliver polished and customized proposals.