Logo Design – Diamonds Lacrosse Club


We rebranded the Diamonds Lacrosse Club with a new logo design. The logo design has been simplified and modernized to better reflect the personality of the premiere sports club. Diamonds Lacrosse Club is a Baltimore based all-girls group of teams focused on skills and camaraderie to instill a love for the game.

Diamonds Lacrosse Club Logo Design

The logo needed to be evolved. The primary elements of the logo were retained but updated. The logo's overall shape remains circular. We reworked the diamond and stick elements – simplifying them and giving them a bolder and more fluid feel. The typography was completely overhauled. We chose an extended, modern, sans-serif font with an edgy personality to help reinforce the outer shape while improving readability. We saturated Carolina blue color making it a brighter cyan. The result is a clean and sophisticated sports logo that has a sharp edge and energy.