Casey Cares Rock n’ Roll Bash 2010 Logo


The Casey Cares foundation hosts several major promotional fund raising events each year. The Rock n’ Roll bash brings to the stage an all-star band of legendary artists from some of best known rock bands in history to perform. Each year a new event logo is created and applied to brochures, invitations, advertising, etc. We have been happy to offer our design services to Casey Cares for this event pro bono.


For the 2010 event logo we focused on the typography – treating it organically, positioning the type on angles, using a textured font and varying color. We encased the type in a solid black, organic, asymmetrical, form with band member silhouettes standing on the top. This year's mark is more playful and bit friendlier with the incorporation of the heart element. This was also the first time we needed to include a sponsor logo as part of the event logo.