Biotech Primer Branding


We’ve helped BiotechPrimer over the past couple of years implement a complete rebrand which included the logo, stationary, exhibit, website, and collateral materials. Biotech Primer delivers easy to understand bio science education to the non-scientist professional. We elevated the brand, making it more sophisticated and establishing it as a leader and reliable partner. At the same time we softened the imagery and palette to make it friendlier and less clinical looking than previous efforts. The result is a compelling and exciting brand.


Corporate Logo – the mark above the test tube was updated to a DNA double helix making it more contemporary.


Website – this e-commerce transactional site incorporates a voucher redemption registration system allowing multiple seat licenses to be purchased. Biotech Primer has full admin capabilities to edit all site content including adding new classes, online courses, and webinars. The site is integrated with a CRM and talks directly to QuickBooks allowing easy management and promotion to patrons.


Overview Brochure – sales marketing leave behind for trade shows and pitch presentations.


Class Manual – class manual contents are updated regularly and personalized for each attendee. We developed a pre-printed cover with cutout window that allows the custom name show through and can work for any of the several class offerings.


Exhibit Booth – an 8x10 wall system was developed as a backdrop for their booth.


Email Promotions – each class is promoted by way of an email broadcast. The emails were standardized using templates. The information is quickly updated and distributed to a targeted list. The majority of the emails are co-branded with event partner logos.


PowerPoint – a generic template was developed that could be used both for teaching support materials as well as corporate presentations.


PowerPoint template showing the title and subordinate page template. The subordinate template offers a maximum amount of usable content space.


Banner Ads – were created and appeared on event websites promoting Biotech Primer's presence and participation.